Thursday, October 15, 2015

Channel locked fables,
Solid oak kitchen tables,
Enlightened junkies.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hula hoops neon red abandoned by Y2K candy kids,
their children's balloons will one day make that room pop,
while every other generation skips out on government funds,
the lucky ones are fashioned with skittle flavored toothpaste,

Too disoriented to use proper spacing....
borders and rows of genuine shade trees protect that year's dimensions,
"don't spin or spoon a girl too soon," his dad always said...
but his dad was also always looped outside underneath those shade trees... and quieted by pain meds,

We bought that nightstand to complete the room,
next year I'll get paid,
this year's ambiance was on credit,
next year I'll get paid,

She said she was bringing back the porch life of 1957,
I never grasped half of what she said,
but I loved her and she was a genius at life,
I leaned in closer with bermuda grass under our feet,

when were they going to tell us about love?
sometimes mindless chatter is golden,
especially when alligator shoes are put up as collateral for a prop bet,
the beached sand will still keep promoting nostalgia in 2028.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Over Bite

The man on the right, ran to the girl on the left, who was out of sight,
that last season was pinched to feel chill and snuggle thrills politely still,
daily fiber-counted poly-wonderous streams of consciousness fly by,
he never wondered aloud what he wanted for breakfast while in bed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

300 Dollar Drama

I got this window in mind,
where designer's kids dabble,
one year they wrote an adventurous melodrama,
they charged $300 a ticket and spent it all on candy and water guns,

I had won a radio station contest,
my prize was a ticket worth $300,
for a summer's minute I considered selling it,
I could have used the extra cash,

the stillness didn't hide behind the darkness very well,
as the curtains rarely hid their purpose when this window was open,
I hadn't figured any of this out yet,
anyways... by intermission I was only concerned with the orange hues cradled outside by dusk,

everyday for a year after the melodrama I lived in the clouds,
I embraced the cumulus enchantment- it still owed me one good chocolate whipped dream,
to close out the year's end I took a train ride throughout the Southwest,
trains help me sweat out any ridiculous excesses of intrigue... a turquoise mirage of beads,

was this year about me or them?
culminating chatter was released after opening the window again,
and years later the kids were all still applauded... they were hailed as child savants,
they all grew up to be idiots.

Friday, July 3, 2015

JaJa Trappings

I thought about it in the evening,
I thought about it the very next morning,
I bought a bottle of Robitussin and drank it to prompt the daylight's sway, 
the harshness of that afternoon's heat dried up any calm reverb,
the trite wanderings of a greedy imagination carried us away,
to that place where they will situate you- into the JaJa realm,
gems sparkled to win the space evacuated by my own bad taste,
corrected lengths waved across the parade to cinch up those loose ends,
I thought about it in the dark,
I thought about it in the light,
I already knew how to be insecure-lost in a summer hammock curl,
now I needed to learn how to play in the heat... how to to be confident and absurd... how to deny myself from any unneccasary hardships sequestered by life... how to win by retreat... 
the corridors peeled off new paintings every other quarter,
and I thought I always wanted to be seen near the wealth,
when all's I really needed was a dozen fuzzy peace making balloons,
we thought about it again that evening one last time... goodbye JaJa land.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Snuggly Remnants

I grew up inside a beautiful array of roman candle wars,
as my friends concocted formulas to count the stars,
we were fourteen... we smoked cigarettes like all our grandpas did,
our parents were in their forties already... and were addicted to sweet n low,
that year a calm jettisoned over the nation that pacified almost half of it's people, 
and our dreams became so vibrant that they magnified our insecurities,
casualties of suggestion traipsed the airways in a warm static,
but when I went back to the roman candles and those initial sparks,
I realized our love always surpassed any delusions we had harbored,
and how our delirous laughter had kept us so snug and so beautiful this entire time...

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's those thoughts churned out in May,

it's that thing you want to do all day,

we must have forgotten,

that they had monuments raised to peel back the layers of their delicate pride,

but we will never forget,

about those girls who had us so enamored that weekend,

the violence interwoven with their dreams made sense now,

that weekend was dark but not silent,

the kids all shape-shifted past the swings and into oblivion.